As of March 30, 2016: 38,295 petitioners against FAA NextGen aircraft noise and FAA NextGen aircraft pollution in U.S., 49,042 including petitioners internationally. 

Change.Org petitions against the FAA's NextGen aircraft noise and pollution:

Tell the EPA to cut airplane emissions - 26,161 signatures

FAA NextGen Stop Destroying Quiet Communities - 1,626 signatures

​Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Noise and Air Pollution - 68 signatures

Newporters Against JWA Noise - 1,079 signatures

Michael P. Huerta, FAA: Reverse harmful flight patterns over Bayside, Hollis Hills, Flushing and N.E. Queens -  556 signatures

Reduce Aircraft Noise over Palo Alto and Neighboring Communities - 2,225 signatures

Ask the FAA to stop the increase in aircraft traffic, noise, and pollution in Newport Beach - 53 signatures

Stop noisy aircraft commuting from Manhattan to East Hampton - 150 signatures

Silence The “Airbus Whine” - 583 signatures

Greater Severna Park Noise Committee at BWI - 171 signatures

Stop SMO Noise and Pollution: Tell the FAA to Put Neighborhoods First - 1,080

Keep Commercial Flights Out Of Paulding County, GA! - 744 signatures

Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport - 830 signatures

No Third Runway At Heathrow - 2,448 signatures

Reduce air traffic over Portola Valley, Ladera, and Skyline Blvd. communities - 1,245 signatures

Stop the Heathrow Airport easterly departure routes trial and not make the changes permanent - 7,227 signatures

Stop The Proposed Gold Coast Flight Path and ILS Development - 711 signatures

We, the undersigned residents of Iver Parish, call upon our Member of Parliament to actively reject the proposal by the Airports Commission to allow Heathrow Airport an additional runway - 148 signatures

Support their proposal to give SNAG suburbs in Perth night respite from aircraft noise - 213 signatures