Find Your Airport

To find the source airport of the aircraft noise you experience, click here.

Once on that map, you will see many, many little different-colored dots.  Those dots represent airports that report weather conditions, but they are usually, also, airports of significant size.  Move the map around with your cursor and drill down into it until you can find your state and city.  Look for an aiport near your location.  Once you find it, right-click on it with pointer over the small-colored dot.  A window will open with the name of the airport showing on the first line followed by other bits of information below it that relate to navigational aids. 

If you click on the airport link, you will arrive at the official FAA description of the airport along with - usually listed near the bottom - the various different "approaches" and "departures" that aircraft fly.  One or several of those distinct "approaches" or "departures" are the source of your noise. If you are not a pilot you will be confused by what you see in those maps, but they also usually show a top-level-down view which is a kind of simplified map of the surrounding area.  Try and locate your home on that map.  If the planes fly over it they are using that approach or departure. 

It would be best to find a pilot - even a non-professional pilot - who can help you dissect that information.