The three pillars of aircraft noise:

Politics. Money. Lobbyists. It's not rocket science.

Developing Story:

Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago Mayor, rumored as Biden's DOT pick. "This would be a disaster" says Jac Charlier, Co-Founder Fair Allocation in Runways coalition as Chicago council member Rodriguez-Sanchez concurs.

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This young woman's story of her family's misery beneath the FAA's oppressive NextGen flight tracks will break your heart.

"How can I be sane? . . . I'm on the edge of breaking

. . . it is so bad."

FAA's NextGen: Neither clean nor environmentally friendly. . .U.S. politicians and residents speak out against the misery of being crop-dusted by the FAA's low-altitude, debilitating NextGen flight paths — the damage to health, the loss of sleep, property devaluation, aircraft noise and the carcinogenic, asthma-inducing air it brings to the environment and cities. Click here to comprehend NextGen in under 30 seconds.