twitter FAA's NextGen:  Neither clean nor environmentally friendly. . .

U.S. politicians and residents speak out against the misery of being crop-dusted by the FAA's low-altitude NextGen flight paths — the health effects, loss of sleep, property devaluation, aircraft noise and the carcinogenic air it brings to the environment and cities.  Click here to comprehend NextGen in under 30 seconds.

As of March 30, 2016: 38,295 total petitioners against aircraft pollution in the U.S., with 49,042 including petitioners internationally. 

City of Phoenix sues FAA over FAA's NextGen aircraft noise and aircraft pollution

chicago this story of aircraft noise will break your heart

This young woman's story of suffering beneath aircraft noise will break your heart.

"I'm on the edge of breaking because it is so bad."

Phoenix Noise

Phoenix Mayor Stanton announces lawsuit against FAA's dirty NextGen technology.

Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton and his representatives explain FAA's policy of disregard for United States citizens.

Boston Noise

stephen lynch boston

U.S. Rep. Steve Lynch in dogfight with FAA over NextGen aircraft noise and pollution. Calls FAA most unresponsive agency in government.

Santa Cruz Noise

Terry Rein, Santa Cruz attorney, speaks out against FAA's NextGen causing Aircraft Noise

Santa Cruz attorney cites destruction of pristine natural habitat by FAA's dirty NextGen transportation system.

Washington, D.C.

senator Mccain writes letter to Huerta

Arizona Senator John McCain sends letter to FAA Administrator Huerta urging changes to noisy flight tracks.


Tina Nguyen lawsuit vs FAA

California Bay Area Resident files lawsuit against Federal Aviation Administration for unbearable aircraft noise.

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Citizens Demonstrate Against FAA NextGen Noise

Santa Cruz, CA. citizens demonstrate against concentrated noisy NextGen flight tracks over their homes.

Palo Alto, CA

palo alto california complains about aircraft noise from FAA NextGen

Palo Alto, California residents complain about aircraft noise from flawed FAA NextGen air transportation system.


Illinois Congresswoman Schakowski says if you are not at table then you are on menu re aircraft noise

Congresswoman Schakowski says if you are not at the table then you are probably on the menu re: aircraft noise.


Marylands BWI greater aircraft noise from FAA NextGen

Maryland residents in for rude awakening from FAA's NextGen aircraft noise and aircraft pollution strategy.


toronto fights for cleaner air and quieter skies

Toronto residents unite to fight for their airspace saying Nav Canada appears only accountable to the airline industry.


Germans fill streets with protest vs aircraft noise

German protesters flow into the streets in opposition to airport expansion and aircraft noise and pollution.


Germans protest aircraft noise

Germans protest against aircraft noise terror in the busy airport terminal.  Loudly, just like the jets disturb their peace and quiet.

Chicago Noise

Jac Charlier Chicago activist challenges Chicago Mayor Emanuel to come out from hiding re: aircraft noise.

Chicago political activist Jac Charlier challenges Mayor Emanuel to come out from hiding re: O'Hare jet noise.

San Diego Noise

san diego residents give FAA hell for noisy and pollutin FAA NextGen flight paths

San Diego taxpayers give FAA hell over NextGen aircraft noise and pollution. FAA sits stone-faced, deaf and mute.


john Kane of FAIR Chicago says meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel waste of time

Chicago political activist John Kane says meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel over aircraft noise a waste of time.


mayor rahm emanuel enjoys a nice laugh - no aircraft noise for him!

Convenient for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Air traffic over his home delayed until 2021.


Chicago highway over our heads next gen noise

Chicago residents sing their Highway Over their Heads anthem to protest FAA's noisy, polluting NextGen flight tracks.


Congressman Quigley tells FAA to change noisy flight tracks at ohare airport

Congressman Quigley tells FAA to alter O'Hare's disruptive flight patterns that rain down misery and sleep disturbance.


Chicago Fair Skies Fights NextGen Noise

Chicago residents: adversity of living beneath constant air traffic and loss of quiet enjoyment from FAA's NextGen.


Chicago Residents Join Forces Vs polluting NextGen Technology

Chicago residents join forces to reduce property tax due to O'Hare aircraft noise and FAA's NextGen.

Santa Cruz

santa cruz save our skies coalition

Santa Cruz Save Our Skies: "An incessant assault. . you feel helpless . . . you can't stop it. . . you can't go outside"


chicago demonstration vs faa and ohare airport noise.

Chicago residents break U.S. record, logging more than 1 million O'Hare noise complaints!

Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte North Carolina bombarded with FAA NextGen Aircraft Noise

Charlotte, North Carolina residents bombarded by FAA NextGen noise and pollution.


New York Noise

U.S. Congresswoman Grace Meng introduces Quiet Skies Community Act

N.Y. Rep. Grace Meng introduces "Quiet Communities Act of 2015" to benefit all communities across U.S.

New York

Congressional NY Rep Steve Israel calls FAA Federal Arrogance Agency.

New York Congressman Steve Israel calls the FAA the "Federal Arrogance Administration."

Brooklyn Noise

Park Slope, Brooklyn resident suggests FAA and Port are green-washing filthy NextGen air transportation sytem.

Park Slope, Brooklyn resident says FAA and Port are green-washing filthy NextGen air transportation sytem.

Air France


Air France sponsors Paris UN climate conference, but who are they really kidding? 

Washington, D.C.

congresswoman eleanor holmes norton

Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton requests hearing on aircraft noise.


Long Island, N.Y.

Len schaier Long Island NY Political Activist explains FAA NextGen noise

Aircraft noise researcher and educator Len Schaier reports on NextGen noise and FAA regulations.

New York

sc nextgennoise

Queens, NY resident to aircraft noise and FAA: take a hike!  LGA is a bad neighbor for Queens' residents.

New York

state senator ta

New York State Senator Tony Avella from Queens to Federal Aviation Administration: "This is not acceptable!"

Washington, D.C.

schumer jet blue advocate

New York's U.S. Senator Charles Schumer sells out New Yorkers and all of America in his 2012 FAA Reauthorization bill vote.

New York

sc FAA NextGen Noise

Queens, NY jet engine sound monitors reveal residents suffer from levels of jet noise considered unhealthy.

New York

NYC Councilmember Daniel Dromm speaks out against FAA NextGen aircraft noise

NYC Councilman Dromm together with Queens environmental groups, criticize FAA NextGen aircraft noise and misery.

New Zealand

new zealand slammed by NextGen noise and pollution

Auckland, New Zealand families starting to feel the pain and misery of living under NextGen aircraft noise flight tracks.


"As I told the FAA in July when I visited DC, we will not be denied, we will not stop, and we truly believe that ultimately, we will prevail." -- Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown

"The bottom line is that there are many, many more aircraft in the skies these days.  This is not a problem for just one city, it is a national quagmire.  If the number of vehicles on the surface of the earth increased exponentially over just a few years, there would be an outcry from citizens to manage and control the mess.  And steps would be taken to do so.  The FAA is swaggering around like this is the wild, wild west, and has become the darling agency of the airline industry, who reap in enormous profits at the expense of our health and quality of life.

The free-for-all must stop.  Our politicians and legislators must step up to the plate.  They cannot stand idly by as a federal agency black-tops over our homes and smothers us beneath a slab of roaring noise and ghastly pollution!" -- Brooklyn, NY resident

"My life and my neighborhood are worthless not only to the FAA and Port Authority, but also to the people who represent me." -- Queens, NY resident

"NextGen is the FAA's war on noise abatement" -- Queens, NY resident.

"It's like living in a combat zone that isn't supposed to exist . . . If we logged complaints, we would literally have to sit down on the computer or telephone all day, for hour after hour, documenting plane after plane." -- Baltimore Resident